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After you have completed all other parts of form HUD-2530 including schedule A read the as listed in block 7. Each principal should sign the associated with a corporation see Exception for Must Sign and File Form HUD-2530. Date mm/dd/yyyy Tel No. and area code A. No adverse information form HUD-2530 approval recommended. Staff Processing and Control C. For projects of this type form HUD-2530 concern that directly or indirectly controls the policy of a principal or has the power to do so. Form...
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Hello HUD house hunters it's Donnie quorum call the springs foreclosure today we bring you 25 20 East pain circle this is a home in the southeast part of hall of springs located roughly on Astros on and Academy it features four bedrooms two baths a one-car garage over 1,600 square feet of living space and a price that is comfortably forty thousand dollars below market on the way to the end of the video to tell you that come on in let's check out pain all right let's start into pain now this is a four bedroom two baths a bi-level style home so we're gonna start on the upper level and in the upper level what you have here is the kitchen right off to the side and the kitchen is actually a pretty decent size guys as you can see here plenty of space now these cabinets have been painted blue and they were a little dated before they were painted so I'd probably replace the cabinets at some point but they'll likely do the job to get you started and at this price you can definitely afford to put in some amenities on this home to really bring the equity home on this deal the flooring is a no linoleum style also blue we would probably get rid of that maybe add some tile and for me I like open space from the kitchen in the living room so this is not a structural load bearing wall we probably got this wall if we were doing a full remodel on this thing to really open up the floor plan you could certainly keep it if your preferred it was there but it's definitely a judgment call continuing this direction we have the bathroom on the upper level now the bathroom is a full bath it's got an interesting tile job we probably replace some nice linoleum one thing you'll note is throughout the house the windows have been replaced with newer energy-efficient vinyl windows that's a huge expense you don't need to add to this property because it already has it and another way to get some instant equity on this home because it does have updated windows bedroom number one is this direction in the bedroom we have a definitely interesting colored carpet so it might swap out the carpeting a little bit of paint from there and some flooring is going to add a great deal of cosmetic appeal to this property but that's what this needs is the cosmetic appeal honestly the bones of this house seem like they're in pretty good shape what it comes down to right now is we add a little bit of upgrades as far as painting it adding some nice new flooring I think the end product would absolutely blow you away and the equity you're going to gain is absolutely going to blow you away as well so bedroom number one and the master this is the secondary bedroom on the upper level and a little smaller than the last bedroom that we looked at but still plenty of space out the back you can see that we've got a lot of backyard space we're going to see that when we end up the video and some awesome mountain views off the window on this one so what this one needs the same as the last one a bit of...